Test Cases

Test Cards

Do not use any real card data in the sandbox environment. You should only use the following testing cards provided by EveryPay. Moreover, you should pass credit card numbers only in the appropriate field e.g card_number and not on any other fields like description, metadata, etc.

You can use the following card numbers to execute test transaction scenarios.

Success test cards

Card Number Card Type HTTP Status Outcome
4556390755719395 Visa 200 Successful transaction
5217925525906273 MasterCard 200 Successful transaction
4556940988073158 Visa 200 Successful Frictionless transaction
4908440000000003 Visa 200 Successful transaction with installments

Failure test cards

Below you will find card numbers that return specific errors, so you can control the behavior of your application in similar cases.

Card Number HTTP Status Failure Code Failure Message
4853451426120387 402 40066 Insufficient funds
5225031029023101 402 20012 Authentication error
4916915111701144 402 40060 Successful payment, which in case of refund will fail

Test your implementation!