Magento 2

EveryPay Payment Gateway for Magento 2



Step 1: Download the Everypay Module for Magento 2

Firstly you need to download the latest release of the module.

Step 2: Unzip and rename the extracted folder

  • Unzip the downloaded module.
  • Rename the extracted folder to Everypay.

Step 3: Upload the module

At this stage you need to upload the module to your Magento 2 via ftp.

  • (Optional) Create /app/code directory if not exist.
  • Upload Everypay directory from the previous step to /app/code.

Step 4: Run the required commands in your command line

When you enable or update a module in Magento 2, you have to update the database schema. To achieve that you must run the following command in your Magento's document root in order to enable our module.

bin/magento setup:upgrade

Everypay offers a robust PHP library that facilitates the integration with our systems. This library is required by the Everypay module for Magento 2.
You can download the library by using composer in your Magento's document root.

composer require "everypay/everypay-php":"@stable"


In this phase the Everypay module has been installed. All that remains is to set your public and secret key through magento admin panel.

  • Navigate to: Stores - Configuration - Sales - Payment Methods
  • Set your public and secret key

Once you have saved the configuration, you are ready to accept credit/debit card payments.