What is it?

Card tokenization substitutes sensitive customer data with a one-time alphanumeric ID that has no value or connection to the account's owner. This randomly generated token is used to access, pass, transmit and retrieve customer's credit card information safely. Tokens don't contain any sensitive consumer data.

What is the advantage of Tokenization

Although, the process changes for the merchant compared to the previous versions, the process for the customer remains as seamless as it previously was.

The user will not have to re-enter all of his Card data again, and he can proceed directly to his issuers ACS server.

Tokenization leads into higher sale rates as it removes friction from the user (entering card details etc).

If you currently do not support tokenization and you would like to, please contact us!

How it works

The customer selects to pay with his tokenized card. Then the merchant invokes the Payform with the required data.

The customer proceeds directly to the ACS window process.

Once the customer has finished the authentication process, a payment token is returned to the merchant. The merchant then can proceed with the same flow he would do with a non-tokenized payment at the Payments API.