Payform is a highly customizable, PCI compliance and SCA-ready form that gives you the ability to collect payments quickly. It works across devices (mobile, tablets, pc). You can place it anywhere inside your Page and customize it to match your own unique design and needs.

It comes in two themes: 'default' and 'material' with a variety of customization options.

Bellow you can see some working examples:

3DS 2.0 tips and tricks

Always have in mind that the user will be required to authenticate through an ACS server with the issuing institute (3DS window). That means, that the user will always pass by a 3DS window in which he will be required to authenticate with his issuing institute.

3DS 2.0 allows for frictionless transactions meaning that the user won't be required to do any action after pressing the pay button. In order to achieve that you should try and pass down to us available information about the user.

Things like email, billing address (highly recommended), phone number, shipping address etc., increase the chances that the user will go through a frictionless transaction meaning that he won't be required to authenticate with his issuing institute. That increases sales and leads into a happier and better customer experience.

So, always remember, data fields might be optional, but in-case you have them you can increase your selling rate!

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