EveryPay payment module for Prestashop


  • Prestashop >= 1.7
  • Everypay Public and Secret keys


Step 1: Download the Everypay Module for Prestashop

Firstly you need to download the latest release of the module.

Step 2: Unzip and rename the extracted folder

  • Unzip the downloaded module
  • Rename the extracted folder to payment_everypay

Step 3: Upload the module

At this stage you need to upload the module to your Prestashop.
You have to upload the folder payment_everypay from the previous step in your Prestashop's /modules directory via ftp.

Step 4: Install the module

You can now find the module by searching it in the Prestashop Module Catalog.

  • Click on Module Catalog
  • Search "everypay"
  • Click install

Step 5: Set your Everypay public and secret key

After the installation is complete you have to set your public and your secret key.

  • Navigate to Modules - Modules Manager
  • Click "Configure" on the Everypay module
  • Set your public and secret key