Available Callbacks

Here you can find all the available Callbacks that can be returned from the everypay.payform() or the everypay.tokenized functions.

   //payload is the object that is passed for the form initalization
   var payload = {
        pk: 'your-public-key',
        amount: 'your-amount'

    //response returns a callback function which contains the response from the iframe
    function response(r) {
        if (r.onLoad) {
            //iframe has been loaded

        if (r.response === 'success') {
            //use token from r.token
        if (r.response === 'error') {
            //log the error

    function isValid(v) {
        //returns { isValid: true }
        //form is validated correctly and user can proceed with the payment
        //(to be used in the case that you have an external button that uses everypay.onClick()

   everypay.payform(payload, response, isValid);

Response Callback

The response can have 3 outcomes: onLoad, success, error.

onLoadJSONThis callback comes back when the iFrame has completed its loading. It will always come back as true. An example use-case is to show a loader until this comes back.
successJSONThis callback will always contain a temporary token in order to proceed to the /payments API
errorJSON", uuid: "d5c43643-c1cb-4b27-a367-da05900bf035"}The format of the error will always be the same. You can save the code and the message and contact us for further debugging if needed.

onLoad example response

{ onLoad: true }

success example response

{response: "success", token: "ctn_KuTCy234YvB2RO4badRsvZJc", uuid: "c6c82264-089f-461e-b744-d9ba771bfb7f"}

error example response

{response: "error", { msg: { code: "20012", message: "3D Secure authentication failed Please provide another payment card", status: "402" }}, uuid: "4eae8bda-c812-4cce-847c-938faef8dc4d"}

isValid Callback

This Callback is used to let you know that the form has passed the validation and is ready to be submitted.


{ isValid: true }