Get started

Welcome to Everypay's Documentation portal.

This page guides you through the preliminary steps for setting up an Everypay Test account. Once complete, you will be ready to start and test your integration.

• Sign up for a test account

To test and integrate EveryPay products you need to create a Sandbox Account. Head on to and SignUp. Once you complete the registration you will get access to the sandbox dashboard.

• Choose a payment solution

• Get your API keys

Once in the dashboard go to section Settings > API Keys For now you require only the Public & the Private Key. Please keep your private keys secure and don’t reveal them to anyone. These private keys have extreme secure information for handling the transactions of your account.

• Test cards

You will need a testing card to interact with our Test Environment. You may use one or more from the Testing section. There are different types to choose from depending on the case you wish to test.