EveryPay Payment Gateway for Shopify

This extension adds EveryPay as the payment method for accepting credit/debit cards payments on your store.


Step 1: Install Everypay as Payment Provider

  • Open installation link in your browser
  • Login to your store in the prompted screen
  • Click on "install payment provider"

Step 2: Configuration and Activation

  • Navigate to: Settings - Payments
  • Click "Choose third-party provider"
  • Search and Click "Pay with Credit/Debit Card (EveryPay)"

Once you have searched and clicked the "Pay with Credit/Debit Card (EveryPay)", the extension's configuration panel should be open. As a final step, you have to set your public and secret key.

  • Set your public key
  • Set your secret key
  • Click on "Activate Pay with Credit/Debit Card (EveryPay)" button

Once you have saved the configuration, you are ready to accept credit/debit card payments.