Available Functions

Example Use-cases

Let's assume you initialize the Payform as hidden, so it is loading on the background while the customer is browsing the page.

    hidden: true,

Now once we are ready to present the Payform to the user, because of certain action (e.g user selected pay by card on a selector), the form that is already preloaded on the background will show immediately like this:


Let's say that this user has changed his mind and selects another payment method, we can easily hide the form by using the hideForm function.


Now let's assume that the user has just added another item on his basket or a promotion which is on the same page as the form. We can easily recalculate and change the amount using the changeAmount function.


Available Functions

showFormfuncYou can use the everypay.showForm() to display the form if you have the 'hidden' option as true.
hideFormfuncYou can use the everypay.hideForm() to hide the form.
changeAmountfuncYou can use the everypay.changeAmount(number) function in order to programmatically change the amount after the form has been loaded.
onClickfuncYou can use the everypay.onClick() function to programmatically initiate a payment action within the form. This is used in combination of using your own payment button that lives outside the form and hidding the Payform button.